We Help Mechanical Contractors To Organize Project Information, Manage Wide Range of Product Components and Purchase Equipment And Components From Manufacturers and Catalogs
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The Problem

AEC value chain is disconnected. Mechanical Contractors must communicate using wide range of information coming from different places (general contractor, manufacturing reps and manufacturers, etc.). There is no place to manage holistic information about the projects to present all structured information about the product. There is no simple way to purchase equipment and communicate with manufacturers and manufacturer representatives.

AECBOM Functions

Organize project assets in the structured way using BOM tools
To provide a visibility about all components of the “construction objects”
Track purchases and deliveries
To make cost estimation based on BOMs and approved materials
To track approvals of customers on materials and components
To manage procurement process of equipment, components and material?
Track material and component levels between projects.
Organize manufacturing catalogs and product options
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Solution: Global Network-Based AEC Data Platform

  • Easy and flexible way to organize the project and “construction objects” (extract, integrate, manage revisions, changes, history and other information)

  • Streamline ordering (purchasing) process for contractors to manufacturers via manufacturer representatives

  • “Connecting dots” and provide visibility upstream, optimize the process with contractors and suppliers

Connected Value Chain Using OpenBOM(TM) SaaS Applications

Optimize the process sending drawings, emails and excels from engineer and architects to mechanical contractor.
Replace Excel for mechanical contractor to create a full specification of project (equipment, components, materials, etc.) to calculate cost
Provide end-to-end process to manage RFQs and purchasing for mechanical contractors by connecting to manufacturers and online catalogs with components and materials.
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