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Oleg Shilovitsky
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Continuing a series of my articles on construction and manufacturing, I want to invite you to read my recent article about Why Digital Transformation brings AEC and PLM together. Check this out.

Construction projects always reminded me of early PLM development. The problem of silos, discussions about standardization of data model, and the development of shared understanding between project and data stakeholders. Construction companies were afraid to implement PLM technologies, mostly because data ownership in the AEC process is not very clear when compared to how manufacturing companies operate. Every department in a manufacturing company is a separate company in construction!

The borders between manufacturing and construction businesses are starting to blur, but it doesn’t mean that the convergence will be easy. Both industries are still very much different. However, even we usually speak about manufacturing as a single industry, the verticals also make a lot of difference. Just think about A&D, Auto, Industrial equipment and machinery, process, high-tech, and food. You will find tons of differences.

In my earlier article – Will AEC and Manufacturing software converge, I created a comparison between Enterprise BOM and BIM LOD. You can see some similarities and differences in stages and views on the product information.

Today, I want to make an attempt to compare two fundamental models – construction objects and manufactured products. In my comparison, I’d like to focus on 5 elements – identification, unit of measures, structures, lifecycle, and systems (software) used in both.

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