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Oleg Shilovitsky
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EC vs Manufacturing. The separation between these two industries existed for decades. Software vendors specialized to provide a solution for each of the verticals. Earlier last week I shared my thoughts about AEC and Manufacturing Software converging and it raised a bunch of interesting questions. Thanks to all of you who commented online and offline. The immediate conclusion I’ve made that the trajectories of both AEC and manufacturing companies are coming close.

You can think about construction as a kind of manufacturing in the future. High-tech buildings, prefabricated construction modules, sophisticated equipment installed in connected homes, IoT, and smart cities – all these things together make me think about construction on the trajectory to search for more manufacturing ideas, methods, and software. What does it mean for software vendors? Before answering this question, I’d like to think more about the construction value chain. Similar to many other industries, the value chain is a place that helps to understand the industry, business relationships, and challenges.

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